Sebastien Lanson



Just added a Blog to my site !

I will be posting pictures, descriptions and sharing some of my musings. Mostly about my performances but also about some of my travels and endeavors in the world of wine. Please check it out ...

San Francisco Bay Area !

I had a blast spending time and playing with dear friends and musical cohorts in the San Francisco Bay Area - A place I once called home. Here are a few pictures from this fun-filled journey :

Momiji guitar (made by luthier Franck Cheval) and I


New Website

Welcome to my new website ! It was superbly and artfully done by Yvonne Kerno at Enaria. It'll serve the purpose of keeping you informed of my upcoming concerts and projects.

Ascona Jazz

I'm in Cavigliano, Switzerland, in my friend's charming house, surrounded by majestic moutains, enjoying the nice weather a glass of Prosecco in hand. For the next three days I'll be playing with the Stanford Jazz Orchestra in Ascona (on the northern shore of Lago Maggiore). The orchestra is led by my dear friend and mentor Fred Berry and featuring the amazing Jon Faddis. I'm very excited !

My Beautiful New Guitar

I feel very fortunate to be playing on a magnificent guitar made by master luthier Franck Cheval. I couldn't be happier with the way it sounds and the way it looks, a small piece of heaven ! Check out the japanese maple leafs engravings on the headstock.

Franck Cheval's website.