Lush Life

Lush Life

Soul Fil !

Soul Fil !

John & Sebastien

Flugel John

Flugel John

Playing with John


The Shisai (the small one), my new guitar, made by my friend and master luthier, Franck Cheval,

Shisai 2

The Shisai 2

Los Altos Grill - Shisai

The Shisai 3

The gents

The gents ! Hangin’ with Fred Berry and John Worley.

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I had a great time playing with Hiroshi Tsunoda and Tadatsugu Mune ! They are both wonderful musicians, ready and able and there to serve the music. It was also really heartwarming to see so many of my japanese friends and to make new ones. I really felt listened to, without judgement. Well, at least with respect and openness. The atmosphere and the attitude of all parties involved was very conducive to playing without restraints.
Futhermore, I feel really fortunate to be playing on such a beautiful instrument, ‘the Momiji’, a guitar made by master luthier, Franck Cheval, that projects such a warm, direct and elegant sound.

Here are a couple pics : (more pics in the gallery section of my site),



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Mont Hiei, Kyoto.

Feeling the good vibrations …



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Gearing-up for our upcoming concert this Saturday, March 8th, at Le Club Jazz in Kyoto.
I will be joining excellent pianist Hiroshi Tsunoda and tasty drummer Tadatsugu Mune. We’ll be playing some of my originals, a couple of Jim Hall’s tunes, paying tribute to this great master, as well as a few of my favourite standards. Very much looking forward to playing with these fine musicians !

Hiroshi & Tadatsugu

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Had a great time with friends – musical and otherwise! Be back soon.

My friends and mentors - John L. Worley, Jr. and Fred Berry.

My friends and mentors – John L. Worley, Jr. and Fred Berry.

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